Product Design

Form and Graphics Projects:

Nature and Form

Brief: To take inspiration from nature and to represent its prominent physical features in products.

 Toco Toucan

Trimmer resting on its charger

The form was inspired from the sleeping position of the toucan.

Weighing Machines for Hospitals

The brief was to redesign the form of an existing product keeping in mind the environment it is being used in.

Weighing Machines at present

Form Inspiration

Re designed product

AXE Spray for Women

Brief :
The brief was to redesign the form and the graphics for AXE, but working on a new segment of AXE called AXE for Women.

                                                   Mood Board                                                                                        Original product(male)


Redesigned product (female)

Dr Scholl Sandals

Brief : The brief was to re design the Dr Scholl footwear keeping in mind the the target audience 18 - 30 years of age.

original product

Re designed

Techno aesthetic Detailing Project :

Electric Mosquito Bat

Brief :
The brief was to re-design the Electric Mosquito Bat emphasizing on specific details of the bat. Form or color was to be unchanged.

Existing product 


    Re design 


Structural Packaging Project :

Single Disposable Condom

Brief :
To recreate a fresh packaging for the disposable condom

Needs a packaging which works for both the users and the observers.
The observers being the family members in India who interact with the product on the shelves of  supermarkets and other medical stores.

Key issue : Product disposal

Structural packaging
for single disposable condoms

I introduced a new unraveling system. As a result the lubricant collects below.
The leak of the lubricant is restricted and the condom is protected from damage while opening the package. This is more effective as compared to the earlier design.

At the time of disposal, the condom is placed inside and the sticker label can be removed and used to seal the package. Additional coating of polyethylene on the inside has been provided to prevent the discharge from dampening the paper and soaking it through.

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